Higher Education Academy'sQuality Advisory Board

Higher Education Academy's<strong>Quality Advisory Board</strong>

The Advisory Board is dedicated to promoting the quality of Higher Education Academy review processes, protecting relevant standards and awards, and continuous improvement. It brings together experts from the Higher Education sector, relevant professional bodies and Higher Education Academy staff to provide a collaborative forum which considers matters relating to HEA policy, process and practice across the areas of work relevant to the HEA. The activities of the Advisory Board will be informed by research and will promote best practice.

Recruitment of Members

The call for members of the Quality Advisory Board have now closed, please contact Ruth Wells (ruth.wells@heacademy.ac.uk) with any queries you may have.

The Advisory Board’s membership will reflect a balance of relevant skills and experience. We are currently recruiting members of the board with experience of one or more of: 

  • Reviewing applications for HEA Fellowship made directly to the HEA;
  • Reviewing internal applications for HEA Fellowship made within an HEA accredited programme/scheme;
  • External examining/reviewing for an HEA accredited programme/scheme;
  • Reviewing applications for HEA Educational Excellence Awards (NTFS, CATE GTEA);
  • Membership of the UK or Global Teaching Excellence Awards Advisory Panels;
  • Leading teaching and learning within an HEA subscribing institution (for example, PVC, Associate Dean, Dean of Learning and Teaching, etc.); 
  • Managing the professional development of staff that teach and support learning within an HEA subscribing institution;
  • Quality assurance and enhancement processes in an HEA subscribing institution;
  • Achievement of an Educational Excellence Award and/or HEA Senior or Principal Fellowship;
  • A senior role within a relevant professional body;


All members should have a current understanding of the issues facing the HE sector.

The Advisory Board will comprise of between 10 and 16 members. Board Members are appointed for a three year term of office. Subject to handling conflicts of interest, members (other than HEA staff) with a direct connection to the HE sector are considered external for the purposes of the Advisory Board’s membership.

The Quality Advisory Board will normally meet three times in each academic year at the HEA’s York office. In addition to scheduled meetings, the Chair may call an ad hoc meeting to suit special circumstances. Only members of the Advisory Board have a right to attend meetings and nominees are not appropriate. The Advisory Board may additionally co-opt, for a specified period of time, advisers with particular expertise.