New England employability fact finding visit to the Higher Education Academy

Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

The HEA is hosting the CEO of the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) Boston, Massachusetts, Dr Michael K Thomas, who is on a fact finding mission to the UK about graduate employability.

NEBHE has formed a Commission on Higher Education & Employability to develop an action agenda, policy recommendations, strategies and next steps to align institutions, policymakers and industry to increase the career readiness of graduates of New England colleges and universities. The Commission is due to report early next year.

Dr Thomas will be briefed on the HEA’s work on graduate employability by Doug Cole, HEA Head of Student Success, who has led a number of initiatives in this area around the world.

According to the New England Journal of Higher Education, a recent Gallup study revealed “96% of college representatives said they felt confident in their institution’s ability to prepare students for the workforce, yet only 11% of business leaders agreed that today’s college graduates have the skills and competencies that business needs. Also the cultures are very different.”

Dr Thomas said, “Our Commission is looking to prepare students and faculty with the talents demanded by the economy. My visit to the Higher Education Academy is to hear about the work it has led through its Employability framework to help higher education providers bring about institutional change in approaches to graduate employability.”

Doug Cole said, “We very pleased to be hosting Dr Thomas and sharing best practice with him. Graduate employability is a common challenge around the world - meeting the needs of students, employers and regional or national economic drivers in work force development. We believe our flexible and adaptable Framework has a proven and increasingly important part to play.”

NEBHE is a regional organisation working with the 260 colleges and universities in the six New England states. NEBHE works to expand education opportunity and services and to address issues related to New England’s human capital and economic competitiveness.

More information about the HEA Employability Framework is here

Pictured: Doug Cole (L) & Dr Michael K Edwards (R)