Bringing together the Global Teaching Excellence Award Finalists

Higher education institutions are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.  Around the world, the spotlight is currently focusing on teaching excellence and how it can be measured, reported and celebrated. The Higher Education Academy is committed to raising the global status and quality of teaching in higher education for the benefit of all students and society.  That is why we launched the Global Teaching Excellence Award (GTEA) in 2017.

One of the ways of bringing together the GTEA finalists is through a community of practice. This is a fundamental part of the award, enabling finalists to benefit from and shape global strategy and practice.

The Global Teaching Excellence Award Community of Practice for Finalists

GTEA Finalists'
Community of Practice

A unique global forum, inspiring and shaping teaching excellence within higher education

The Global Teaching Excellence Award Finalists' Community of Practice is a community of practice that brings together academic leaders and professionals from across the world that share a commitment to furthering the pursuit of teaching excellence, for the benefit of all students and society. Communities of practice are: ‘groups of people who share, or have a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an on-going basis’ Wenger et al. (2002, p.4).

Membership is open to all institutions selected as finalists each year in the Global Teaching Excellence Award.

Reference: Wenger, E., McDermott, R. and Snyder, W. M. (2002): Cultivating Communities of Practice, Boston, MASS, Harvard Business School Press

How will you and your institution benefit from this community?

The GTEA Finalists' Community of Practice is a unique platform for those who carry out a strategic role in the pursuit of teaching excellence in their institutions to: 

  • Network with other leaders of teaching excellence 
  • Exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences 
  • Collaborate on topics of shared interest
  • Inspire the engagement of the wider HE community 
  • Shape the global teaching excellence agenda 
  • Impact further on outcomes for students and society.


What are the features of this community?

The GTEA Finalists' Community of Practice is shaped, owned and directed by its members and facilitated by the HEA and offers:

  • Flexible, interactive and confidential space, hosted through the HEA's online Virtual Learning Environment - MyVLE
  • A platform that is accessible anywhere and anytime through an internet connection
  • The means for collaboration and exchange with other institutions across the world who are equally committed to teaching excellence
  • A forum for debate and discussion of topics of mutual interest in relation to excellence in leadership, teaching and student support
  • The ability to store, manage and share relevant resources, research and publications.