Transforming learning and teaching leadership at the University of Warwick

The Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching (LTLT) course enables participants to enhance the skills, approaches and insights needed to lead course and programme teams through processes of transformation and innovation.

Run by the Higher Education Academy in association with the Leadership Foundation (LFHE), LTLT is a long-established and well-renowned course aimed at those interested in curriculum design and transforming learning and teaching within their institutions.

During the three month programme, participants can:

  • share experiences of academic leadership in the specific context of learning and teaching;
  • consider the nature and forms of pedagogical transformation and innovation, and what makes it work;
  • understand what makes for success in collaborative change processes;
  • explore ways of motivating and inspiring academic colleagues;
  • learn from current good practice in engaging students in curriculum development;
  • carry out a 'transformation pilot initiative' in their own institutional setting, with support from other participants on the programme.

Now in its 10th cohort, LTLT has helped many participants to succeed in enhancing learning and teaching within their departments, faculties and institution, as well as preparing them for senior leadership positions.

Kate Mawson, Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick's centre for Teacher education took part in LTLT8 and said it was “one of the best examples of sustained professional development that I’ve experienced.

She explained: “Sometimes the impact of courses “evaporate” after you’ve attended, or you arrive and the aims are not at all like they were described. LTLT was exactly as it was described on the HEA website and it was an extremely effective course. It was well delivered by very experienced and engaging presenters, and the whole program, both face-to-face and online, were very well organised, professional and enjoyable.”

Kate added: “It was fantastic to be able to work outside of my institution with a mixture of colleagues who brought variety to the course. I found the case study so useful that I got in touch with the HEA to offer to host LTLT10 here at Warwick, as I wanted my colleagues to experience the benefits of networking with like-minded individuals from other institutions. I would definitely recommend anyone considering LTLT to apply – you definitely won’t regret it!”

Steve Outram, Director of the LTLT programme and HEA Associate Participant outcomes, commented: “Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching attracts a lot of people with responsibilities whose institutions have decided to change radically, and who want to support those changes. We also attract people who have been promoted, or are new, to being a course director and who want to find out more.”

To find out more about how taking part in LTLT10 can benefit you and your institution please click here.

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