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Our recent Social Sciences cluster conference was an opportunity to meet with all our teacher education project holders and share progress. They are in the middle of completing exciting work which they will be sharing with the teacher education community in July.

Innovating ITE 11 July Birmingham City University 

[caption id="attachment_3301" align="alignleft" width="216"]Phil Taylor (BCU) presenting Phil Taylor (BCU)[/caption]

  • Phil Taylor and Dario Faniglione (BCU) will be demonstrating the web based app they have developed for student teacher research and we are hoping to facilitatate a hands on session during the day where you can try out the app both as 'users' and 'editors'. As this will be an open source app, it will be a resource you could use in your own institution next year.




[caption id="attachment_3302" align="alignleft" width="216"]Janet Orchard (Bristol) presenting Janet Orchard (Bristol)[/caption]

  • Ruth Heilbronn (IoE, London) and Janet Orchard (Bristol) have run two ethical retreats where student teachers have experienced a 'Philosophy4Teachers' (P4T) approach to discussing ethical issues generated democratically by the students attending the event. Ruth will be giving insights into P4T and we will be considering the use of dialogic teaching to reflect on issues in teacher education.




[caption id="attachment_3303" align="alignleft" width="216"]Sara Bragg (Brighton) presenting Sara Bragg (Brighton)[/caption]

  • Sara Bragg (Brighton) has been working with student teachers to discuss the digital spaces and cultures of schools, digital spaces inhabited by school students, the ways in which schools accommodate (or not) technology and the attitudes and views of student teachers.





[caption id="attachment_3304" align="alignleft" width="216"]Elspeth McCartney (Strathclyde) presenting Elspeth McCartney (Strathclyde)[/caption]

  • Elspeth McCartney and Helen Marwick (Strathclyde) have been exploring students' attitudes to and engagement with research, identifying barriers to their engagement with research, introducing them to research and seeing if they test out strategiess suggested by research in their own practice.


This innovative work is given greater pertinence given the recent publication of the BERA - RSA Inquiry into teacher education with the recommendation that research informed practice is much more systematically, and also given the inclusion in the NQT survey in England of three questions about how well student teachers feel their programmes were in:

  • preparing you to access educational research?
  • preparing you to assess the robustness of your educational research?
  • preparing you to understand and apply the findings from your educational research?

In addition we will have short presentations from other interesting and innovative work in teacher education including Martin Hagan will talk about the Capstone module introduced into ITE programmes at St Mary's University College, Belfast and Vicky Duckworth from Edge Hill University will be sharing how her work with students with low levels of literacy has impacted on her teacher education work.

We invite colleagues from across the UK nations to join us for the day in Birmingham.

'Teach Forward' - HEA Social Sciences cluster conference 

If you were unable to come to our Social Sciences conference this year or if like me you wanted to go to everything but couldn't, session presentations have been uploaded on the following 5 web pages:

  1. Parallel session 1: (includes information on Sara Bragg's and Phil Taylor's contributions to the cluster conference)
  2. Parallel session 2: (includes information on presentations on global citizenship and responsible entreprise)
  3. Parallel session 3 (includes 'I know Kung Fu' and presentations on quantitative methods teaching!)
  4. Parallel session 4: (includes placement learning presentation, collaborative learning, critical thinking: a crisis in the social sciences)
  5. Parallel session 5: (includes using clickers in teaching and learning, quants: nirvana or nightmare?, Janet Orchard/ Ruth Heilbronn on P4T and Elspeth McCartney/ Helen Marwick on the 4th teacher ed project. Their presentation was called 'Evidence for the future and the future of evidence')

The presentations have had huge numbers of 'hits' since being uploaded so I hope I have whet your appetite above and you too find time to explore the links!


The outputs from the teaching research methods projects funded as part of our strategic priorities for 2012 -13 have been uploaded, and a blog complete with videos from some of the project holders can be found here. Amongst the many interesting reports you may be particularly interested in those which have been completed by colleagues in Education:

Alex Kendall and Helen Perkins worked with early childhood studies students on Creative research methods in a college-based higher education setting.

Phil Wood presenting at HEA cluster conference 2014
Phil Wood presenting at HEA cluster conference 2014

Hilary Burgess, Joan Smith and Phil Wood's project looked at Developing peer assesssment in postgraduate research methods training. Joan can be seen talking on video about the project here.



Claire Gray and colleagues worked on the project Mapping, understanding  and supporting research teaching within college-based higher education networks. Claire also recorded a video interview about the project.

Many of the other projects also connect to work in Education.


HEA Social Sciences ‘new to’ workshops

We may be heading fast towards the end of the academic year but we still have events and workshops which may be of interest to you and your colleagues.

New to using social networking in learning and teaching, 8 July 2014, the Studio, Birmingham

An enjoyable day considering how we can use social networking in our programmes with case studies and a chance to be 'hands on' with Web 2.0 tools. Free to subscribers and ideal for those with little or no experience in this area.

New to using open access resources in teaching research methods, 9 July 2014, the Studio, Birmingham

There are fantastic open access data sets which are currently under used in social sciences. Do people know about these resources? Have people thought about how they can be exploited in sessions?

New to using penny-pinching pedagogy in learning and teaching, 15 July 2014, M-Shed, Bristol

A bit of fun and silliness to end the year - all with a serious purpose: to enhance teaching and learning! Toffee apples, hot dogs, ice creams or candy floss? Which group will you be in?

Transitioning from other professions into Social Sciences academia, 16 July 2014, M-Shed, Bristol

With shared appointments and colleagues from schools moving into HE after successful careers in schools and colleges, this workshop is aimed at helping those mid-career shifters transfer sucessfully into academia.

Innovating ITE,11 July Birmingham City University

Final reminder about our dissemination event aimed at teacher educators - free web based app, dialogic approaches to ethical issues, reflecting on digital spaces, engagement with research. What more could you need for a positive end to the year? Book now to avoid disappointment!

Non HEA Events

BESA Annual Conference, 26 and 27 June, University of Glasgow

The title of this year's conference is “The politics of education studies: pedagogy, curriculum, policy” with keynotes from Professor Graham Donaldson and Professor Andy Furlong.

TEESnet Annual conference 10 July, Liverpool Hope University

The theme of this year's conference is Moving from the edge to the centre: the role of Education for Sustainable Development/ Global Citizenship in a  meaningful curriculum.

I hope to see many of you at the various events happening over the next 2 months, Kathy

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