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Pedagogic Stratification and the Shifting Landscape of Higher Education

The HE landscape has become increasingly stratified as a result of recent significant changes in UK higher education policy. This project examined the impact that this has had on learning and teaching.

Author: Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Professor Penny-Jane Burke, Dr Pauline Whelan, Dr Paula Sealey, Dr Josef Ploner

Published date: 
3rd June, 2014
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Measuring the impact of the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning (UKPSF)

The Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) evaluated awareness, understanding and use of the UK Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF)at the institutional and individual level and provided recommendations to the HEA on fostering the use of the UKPSF and future research in this area.

Project Team: Nancy Turner, Dr Martin Oliver, Dr Holly Smith, Liz Shrives and Dr Frances Deepwell (SEDA Scholarship and Research Committee).

Published date: 
1st June, 2013
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