Assessment and Feedback
Community of Practice

Highlight, capture and develop best practice

The Higher Education Academy’s Assessment and Feedback community of practice is intended as a dynamic and collaborative forum for knowledge exchange and enhancement. The community looks to empower higher education leaders and practitioners with an interest in innovative, flexible and dynamic practices and pedagogies, and a desire to take steps towards shaping contemporary practice and thinking in transforming assessment and feedback, through encouraging active engagement with:

  • Webinars
  • Networks
  • Thought platforms
  • Discussion forums
  • Expert reference groups

Community of Practice - Assessment and Feedback

Request to join the community

You can request to join the community, please click "Request to Join" below and complete the form.

*Please note it may take up to 48 hours for a response after submission of your request to join.

Why join the community

- The Assessment and Feedback Community of Practice can be shaped, owned and directed by its members.

- Actively engaging with current issues and the latest thinking in Assessment and Feedback, sharing and co-developing innovative practice as a community.

- The Assessment and Feedback Community of Practice provides a flexible and supportive space for members to work together to consider current developments and their implications for academic practice as they occur.

- The community is hosted through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Therefore members will benefit from direct access to an active and vibrant support network, enabling the exchange of practice, knowledge and experiences, as well as providing a springboard for taking employability to a new level through creation of new knowledge and ideas.

- The community enables you to take collective responsibility for structuring and managing information around the thematic area of employability. The creation of a virtual community is not limited by organisational or geographic boundaries enabling you to engage with a diverse community to focus your learning, develop new practices, create knowledge and define new approaches through a collective voice.

Only those working for higher education providers that are Strategic or Access partners of the Higher Education Academy can benefit from the range of opportunities to share, reflect and engage with colleagues and experts from the global higher education sector. Please use your institutional email address when requesting to join the community.