Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities disciplines offer unique spaces in life; places where we can negotiate identities, explore cultures and slip into different ways of being, doing and seeing. Working in higher education, we travel between the porous and shifting territories of professional, academic, learner and teacher, researcher and creator. We are always being and becoming.

Interdisciplinary by nature, we translate ourselves through word, sound, image and metaphor to deepen our understanding of the world and our relationship to it. Arts and Humanities students live an experience that is truly transformative. Our role at the HEA is to support you in this process in every way we can.

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities at the Higher Education Academy

Arts and Humanities at the Higher Education Academy is led by Dr Ben Brabon

Dr Ben Brabon, Academic Lead for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Ben joined the Higher Education Academy in February 2016 as Academic Lead for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Prior to this he was Academic Courses Manager within the executive team of the School of Arts and Humanities at Nottingham Trent University. A former Reader in English Literature and Digital Education with 5 books to his name, Ben is recognised within the sector for his work on Digital Education, MOOCs, Gothic fiction and Gender Studies. The convenor of the UK’s first undergraduate credit-bearing MOOC, Ben has worked with the QAA, HEFCE and Swedish Ministry of Education in this area and his pedagogic research has been cited by the former Universities Minister, David Willetts.

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HEA Resources

The HEA has over 500 resources, which are continually added to and updated, to support teaching within the Arts and Humanities disciplines. These resources will keep you up to date with the latest innovative practice within your area, along with tools which can aid your professional development within higher education teaching.

HEA resources are accessed through our Knowledge Hub. Here you can browse:


HEA Blogs

The HEA Arts and Humanities blog is about empowering our discipline communities. It provides an opening to express our academic experience, share innovative learning and teaching, demonstrate our creativity and generate enthusiasm for what we do.

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National Teaching Fellowship Innovative Pedagogies

National Teaching Fellows were asked to produce reports on the innovative pedagogies they have used in their practice which has led to them being recognised. The series is available to view in the Knowledge HUB and can be cut by discipline.

Arts and Humanities Innovation Pedagogies Reports