Transforming assessment in higher education

Key projects, resources and ways you can connect with assessment and feedback

Assessment plays a vital role in HE. It is essential for measuring the extent of student learning (assessment of learning). Assessment should be designed in ways that promote student learning; whether learning the subject or broader level. The Higher Education Academy believes that attention to the methods of assessment and feedback and the use of self-assessmentand peer-assessment, coupled with tenets, is fundamental to student learning.

Transforming assessment

Key projects

Degree Standards - Professional Development and Calibration for the External Examining System in the UK

The project on degree standards, running from 2016 to 2021, is being managed by HEFCE on behalf of the devolved administrations. HEFCE have contracted the Higher Education Academy (HEA) to work across all four nations to facilitate a sector-owned development process focusing on the professional development for external examiners. The project has two interrelated parts:

- Working with a range of higher education providers to design and pilot generic professional development for external examiners

- Exploring different forms of calibration exercises with subject associations and Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

Higher Education Academy framework for transforming assessment

A shared point of reference for the sector

Our framework for transforming assessment in higher education is an integral part of the HEA frameWORKS series. Developed with the sector for the sector, the series covers key thematic priorities that impact upon the quality of teaching and learning in HE. HEA frameWORKS provide a shared point of reference and common language to shape and review policy, process and practice in order to enhance student success.

“The Higher Education Academy frameworks are evidence-based and provide the higher education sector with a national reference point to enable the institution to develop its own approach according to local circumstances as well as benchmarking performance.” Universities UK (2016), p.73, Working in partnership: enabling social mobility

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