Welcome to the HEA toolkits

Our toolkits bring together useful resources to help you enhance your teaching practice and to improve student learning outcomes. Visit the following toolkits that have been curated in response to key strategic learning and teaching objectives:


You can also explore the toolkit materials via our glossary, HEAtoZ, This new area of the website takes you through an A to Z of learning and teaching terms, ranging from those with a long-standing history, such as large group teaching, to those that are more emergent, for example digital literacy. HEAtoZ definitions also include links to related terms, relevant resources, social media content and top tips for engaging learners, an example being the "Large group teaching tips" ebook.

 Large Group Teaching Cards

Learning from award winning teachers

The HEA recently asked three recent 'Most Innovative Teachers of the Year' (Times Higher Education Awards) and a National Teaching Fellow to develop a collection of useful tools for HE professionals to try in their own teaching practice. The eBooks and infographics provide lesson plans, top tips, guidance and ideas for getting started in the following topics: 

This is just the start…

The toolkit area of the website and HEAtoZ will continue to evolve and grow, with more material and tools to help inspire your teaching practice and transform learning outcomes. If you would like to be notified when new material is uploaded or if you have a specific area of interest that you would like to see included please contact us