Analysis of Academy Resources supporting the JISC Transforming Curriculum Design and Delivery Programmes - Phase Two (203KB, PDF)

This report focuses on:

  1. Updating the work undertaken by Subject Centres since the evidence for the first report was gathered, with particular reference to the work of the Discipline-Focused Enhancement Academy projects
  2. Drawing on outputs and outcomes of other Academy-supported initiatives relating to curriculum design and delivery which were not covered or had little coverage in the first analysis, including:
  • e-Learning Pathfinder projects
  • Enhancement Academy
  • Change Academy projects
  • NTFS projects
  • Relevant CETLs

The primary purpose of this phase is to provide a broader picture of the work the Academy has been supporting in the field of curriculum design and delivery. This includes an overview of the key findings, issues and challenges which are emerging from some of the broader strategic enhancement and change management projects supported by the Academy.

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