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What the project is

The Global Talent Programme (GTP) is an educational expression of our vision for a Global BU and sets out to develop in our students and staff, the future talent workforce for our regions and for the globe.  Underpinning this is a fusion of two core agendas: Internationalisation and Employability. We will achieve this fusion through the development of a proposition that runs through the core of our curricular and extra-curricular offer to all our students in developing them as future Global Talent.

What the project hopes to achieve

Our overarching aim, ‘to develop our staff and students as future global talent’, is underpinned by five core objectives that will inform and shape this work:

  1. Conceptualising global talent;
  2. Developing an innovative strategy and approach;
  3. Creating a global talent module (or equivalent);
  4. Developing support toolkits for staff and students;
  5. Periodic analysis of our current provision.

This will be accomplished by:

  • embedding the Global Talent Programme (GTP) across our student experience offer;
  • embodying this through our academic community through activating the ‘people’ enabler of our strategy that aims to internationalise our staff experience.

Executive summary

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Wednesday, 14 June, 2017

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