Clinical learning environment and mentoring of international nursing students - NET2017 Conference

Strand 1: Developing the future healthcare workface

As a result of internationalization in healthcare education there are increasing opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse students to complete whole degree programmes in other countries than their home country (Ong-Flaherty 2015). Clinical learning in an authentic clinical environment is an essential part of healthcare education (D'Souza et al. 2015). The greatest challenges faced by international healthcare students were found to be in clinical learning environment and mentoring (Mikkonen et al. 2016). The challenges faced by international nursing students were limitations in their learning because of social isolation and additional stress, mentors’ negative attitudes towards the students, failing of clinical practice and in some cases dropping out of the degree programme (Pitkäjärvi 2012, Pitkäjärvi, Eriksson & Pitkälä 2012, Mikkonen et al. 2016). The factors influencing students’ experiences in clinical learning environment and mentoring are inadequately known. 


Kristina Mikkonen & Maria Käriäinen (University of Oulu)

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Wednesday, 6 September, 2017

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