Defining employability in higher education

The aim is for this resource to enable academics to identify the employability issues and challenges for their students. These could relate to the employment situation in the sector itself or weaknesses and skill gaps of students and ways of addressing these issues in learning, teaching and assessment practices.

This resource aims to:

  • review approaches to employability at De Montfort University (DMU), mapped to the HEA Framework, differentiated by subject and faculty;
  • review the expectations of students and employers;
  • offer guidance about practical approaches to employability across a diverse range of academic disciplines;
  • review how transferable skills are developed as an integral element of learning.

The result, the authors hope, is an enhanced approach to defining and delivering employability in an HEI with a broad curriculum. This will be of considerable benefit to DMU and, it is hoped, to the HEA and the wider sector. Most of all, there should be major benefits to students seeking to maximise their employability to begin appropriate and successful careers, and this will be the ultimate measure of our success.  


Alison Bragg
Nicola Brooks
Amie Chapman
Tor Clark
Mary Clarkson
Dr Claire Orwin
Susan Rees
Allison Skellern
Sang Townsley
Mark Tucker

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