Defining Quality Feedback in Health Education - NET2017 Conference

Strand 8: Student experience and engagement

When looking at the literature it is important to acknowledge that there are different conceptualizations of assessment feedback, (Evans 2013). Some may see it as an end product, “this is how you did, and this is why you got this mark”. Others look it more as a learning opportunity and its success is measured in a change in performance, Nicol (2008), “assessment for learning”. 

High quality feedback is demanded and valued by students and is a critical metric in trying to meet the students’ expectations. However, “Feedback quality” consistently receives lower satisfaction scores in our student surveys compared with other areas of the student learning experience; a pattern that according to Beaumont et al. (2011) is reflected in many other institutions. Therefore, whatever the educational perspective being taken is it is apparent that the student’s perspective is different and a feedback difference exists between these two parties.


Dr David Flinton (University of London)

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Wednesday, 6 September, 2017

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