The Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit (DEFT)

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on students’ learning. There is a strong evidence base on effective delivery of feedback: what it should contain and how it should be framed. However, we know far less about students’ reception of feedback information. If we want students to engage with and utilise the feedback we provide, then what skills do they need, and how do we nurture these skills? In this resource, we first outline some of the key contemporary issues facing Higher Education practitioners in the domains of assessment and feedback, and we consider the role and responsibility of the student in the feedback process. We then present a case study, which outlines the development and implementation of the Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit (DEFT). Finally we present each component of the toolkit in turn: a feedback guide, a feedback portfolio, and a feedback workshop.  


Dr Naomi E. Winstone - University of Surrey
Dr Robert A. Nash - Aston University

Publish date

Tuesday, 6 September, 2016