Fostering Mentor Resilience: Debriefing mentors who have failed a student in a practical assessment - NET2017 Conference

Strand 10: Education in clinical practice and practice development

International evidence demonstrates that practice based assessors, who are called mentors in the UK, find it difficult to fail underperforming students (Duffy, 2003; Luhanga et al., 2008; Hughes and Mitchell, 2016). If they do fail the student the experience often leaves them both mentally and physically drained (Black et al., 2013). Once the student has left the placement area mentors often receive no further feedback, this exacerbates anxiety, frustration, fear and guilt which can lead to burn-out (Schaffner, 2013). Mentors have reported that they need the opportunity to vent after the experience, to be given feedback and the opportunity to understand why some assessment decisions where not upheld. Failure to meet these needs can result in mentors refusing to continue undertaking the role (Hunt et al., 2016).


Dr Louise Hunt (De Montfort University)

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Wednesday, 6 September, 2017

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