Muslims teaching Islamic Studies: methodological concerns, practical solutions

There are pressing concerns revolving around Muslim academics, male and female, teaching Islamic Studies. These relate to problems of objectivity, authority to speak on the subject for male and female lecturers, the expectations of both Muslim and non-Muslim students of their Muslim tutor taking into account their gender and religious orientation, and no doubt countless other concerns.

Some of these concerns are not confined to the teacher-student rapport, but are also shared by the University as a whole, but especially by those who are new to teaching, as many of these issues are left for the individual to negotiate. There are no clear guidelines, advice, support network, etc…which a Muslim academic might draw upon in their attempt to resolve one or more of these problems.

The project seeks to draw upon the experiences of Muslim academics in UK Universities who lecture on subjects relating to Islamic Studies. Through the organisation of series of lectures, which will focus on this theme we aim to produce a document which both contextualises the issues and proposes guidelines/advice for those new and not too new Muslim Islamic Studies professionals.