Preregistration Pharmacist Trainee Educational Supervisors Self-assessment against the General Pharmaceutical Council Tutor Guidelines - NET2017 Conference

Strand 2: Education in clinical practice and practice development

Being role models for future pharmacists, preregistration pharmacist trainee tutors are expected to  demonstrate good professional practice and to help develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour of their trainees during their pre-registration year.

There are currently few steps taken to ensure that preregistration pharmacist trainee tutors, or Educational Supervisors (ES) as is the adopted term in the South East (SE) for tutors of preregistration pharmacist trainees,  are consistently able to demonstrate competency in areas outlined by the General Pharmaceutical Council  (GPhC )Tutor guidance (2). Through the use of a self-assessment approach, ESs could assess themselves in the relevant tutoring areas, identify gaps and take the appropriate action to address them. The self-assessment approach would build on giving ESs’ responsibility and ownership for their own professional development and is an example of one possible model to support education supervision.


Alice Conway (University of Brighton)

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Wednesday, 6 September, 2017

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