Student experience and engagement - NET2017 Conference

Strand 8: Student experience and engagement

Evidence of engagement, success and satisfaction of two groups of students undertaking the same course in sequential semesters is analysed. The pedagogical approach for both groups emphasised collaborative and interactive values and nurtured the development of a community of learners and yet the experience of the students and teacher varied considerably.  Current debates about engagement, delivery formats and the characteristics of student cohorts are reflected upon and are particularly relevant for this faculty that teachers a wide range of health professional programmes across a number of different geographical locations and formats and in some cases is the only provider or one of two providers in the country.  Key questions about the roles and responsibilities of students and challenges to the received wisdom about student engagement in health professional education are presented.

Key concepts:

  • Communities of practice and learning
  • Flipped classrooms and other delivery formats
  • Online spaces (educational and social)
  • Varied cohorts (young and mature)
  • Student success 
  • Student and teacher engagement


Dr Susan Shaw & Sue Walker (Auckland University of Technology)

Publish date

Tuesday, 5 September, 2017

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