The Student Engagement Team, Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University

The Student Engagement Team has transformed approaches to employability and student engagement with its commitment to developing an ambitious framework of co-curricular engagement that facilitates students working as collaborators and partners. The team now delivers an innovative Intern Scheme built on three cornerstones (business mentor, ‘soft-skill’ professional training, and work experience).  

“I was supported by the team who continuously encouraged me with their endless go-getting attitude to pursue what I didn't believe I was capable of” (Gemma, student)

“It was an exceptional experience. I wish we could go back to that first meeting, and start all over again” (Konan, student)

“To be involved in an exciting and unique opportunity that involves helping to increase employability prospects is a key factor for when I graduate” (Tanisha, student)

Impact of work

Michael (student) describes the interns work at an all-staff conference, and communicates the breadth of their work to others through social media. Interns also communicate the benefits through blogs.

Students also work as Academic Interns (53 co-delivered research projects to date), run an iBuddy Café for international students, act as external ambassadors, and form the Faculty’s Student Advisory Board in an ever expanding programme. Many have secured graduate positions and attribute their success to this programme, with several becoming mentors themselves.

“I have been struck by the team’s commitment to this collaboration with the business community, and by the enthusiasm and commitment they inspire in their interns.”  (Noel, Director, Knowledge)

“The development of the students’ confidence and maturity of outlook is particularly impressive and a great testament to the work of an enthusiastic and committed team.” (Roger, Chairman, Zoo Digital)

“As an employer theirs was exactly the kind of impression I want to see in applicants so hats off to you, your engagement team and the participants. Impressive stuff indeed!” (Tim, CEO, Allia)

Plans for the future

The team are extending the scheme across the university and other UK and overseas universities. Student consultants will work with existing partners to roll it out. Furthermore, the brand can be adopted by others, allowing other institutions to develop their own version whilst building a nationally recognised logo for the scheme. 

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Anglia Ruskin University
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