Dr Carl Senior

Dr Carl Senior is currently Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching in the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University as well as Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. After completing his post-doctoral training at the Depersonalisation Research Unit, which is based in the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, he joined the Laboratory of Brain & Cognition at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA as a Visiting Research Fellow.

Carl then joined Aston University as a lecturer and then became Senior Lecturer, Reader and now Associate Dean, as well as consultant for the Aston Behavioural Insights Group.

Impact of work

Carl is dedicated to the development of SOEL (Scholarship of Educational Leadership) and leads several initiatives that engage colleagues to develop excellence in their own learning and teaching practice. He has published four books, including one on the state of the art in student engagement. He is currently working on a fifth book that will explore the implications of the various changes that are currently impacting the HE sector. His wider research activities readily embrace aspects of the social, cognitive, and neuroscientific approaches. Within this broad context, the specific research areas he works in centre around the concept of relationships among people, individually and in groups. He has published over 100 academic papers and together with colleagues at the Warwick Business School developed the multidisciplinary research field of 'Organisational Cognitive Neuroscience'.

Plans for the future

In light the various reforms that are coming to the sector, Carl will remain at the forefront of driving change to support the students learning experiences as they continue in their own individual learning journeys.

Job title: 
Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Institution or Organisation: 
Aston University
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