Dr Christopher Wiley

National Teaching Fellow 2013

“Chris is such an enthusiastic individual. He is hugely passionate about what he teaches, and he brings so much life into his lectures. He is dedicated to the University and to its students, and works incredibly hard to make sure all his students achieve and reach their full potential.”

BMus student, 2012

Throughout his career Dr Christopher Wiley has been at the forefront of curriculum development and teaching innovation, leading major change as Programme Director of the BMus and MA Music degrees, supervising research students to completion and publication, and pioneering new learning technologies.

Chris’ excellence in teaching has been recognised in multiple University prizes, including the Student Voice Award which he received two years consecutively (2011, 2012). His commitment to professional development as a teacher is such that he has pursued the University’s MA in Academic Practice, beyond the requirements of his institutional role.

At the heart of Chris’ teaching is the belief that students should be empowered to take control of both what they learn and how they learn. As one student explains: “We had meetings and he set up polls to assess the class’ preferences with learning, such as [...] the topics and how we want to receive feedback. This hands-on approach increases the comfort of the class and increases our dedication to the module.” 

Concurrently with his international profile for musicological scholarship, Chris has conducted educational research in areas including assessment and feedback, module evaluation, the use of social media, and electronic voting systems. While on secondment as Learning Development Associate in 2011–12, he wrote a series of case studies profiling exemplary teaching practices, which have enjoyed wide dissemination through the University’s educational vignettes website.

In the past year alone, Chris has delivered conference papers at the 2012 Turning Technologies User Conference, the 19th International Conference on Learning, and the 17th Annual SEDA Conference. Following the former, he was immediately invited to become a Distinguished Educator with Turning Technologies, their first ever from the arts and humanities—a gratifying acknowledgement of his potential as a world leader in teaching.

After nine years working at City University London, Chris joined the University of Surrey in September 2013, where he is Senior Lecturer in Music as well as Director of Learning and Teaching across the School of Arts.

Job title: 
Senior Lecturer in Music, Director of Learning and Teaching School of Arts
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University of Surrey
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