Dr Elizabeth McCrum

Professor Elizabeth McCrum is currently a Teaching and Learning Dean at the University of Reading. She has previously held a number of leadership roles in teaching and learning including as Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Science and as School Director of Teaching and Learning for the School of Education.

Her academic discipline is Education. A former secondary school history teacher she started her career leading the History PGCE course at Kingston University. She has taught history education to primary and secondary teacher trainees for over 17 years. She is a passionate advocate of the teaching of concept and skills based history hands on using the full range of sources that can be used to enquire in to the past.

She has been Programme Director for a number of large programmes including secondary teacher training programmes and the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice.

Impact of work

Elizabeth has had a career long interest in authentic and accessible curricula and pedagogy. She has led a number of projects to improve the academic experience of students form BAME backgrounds and for students with special educational needs and/or disabilities. She has recently led an institution wide review of the undergraduate curriculum at Reading. She also leads work across the University to improve assessment and feedback. She has expertise in the incorporation of research and enquiry into undergraduate curricula.

Elizabeth also has a particular interest in professional development in teaching and learning. She has been involved in University of Reading’s HEA accredited CPD scheme since its inception. She is a University Teaching Fellow and a Principal Fellow of the HEA.

Her research and publications are in a range of areas in Education, most recently in HE.

Plans for the future

Going forward she plans to further develop and disseminate her work on curriculum development in higher education, particularly the leadership of changes in this area, and to continue her work on developing undergraduate students’ experiences of research. 

Job title: 
Teaching and Learning Dean
Institution or Organisation: 
University of Reading
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