Dr Frances Garrad-Cole

Dr Frances Garrad-Cole was one of the very first Teaching and Scholarship lecturers at Bangor University.  She has been a key figure in raising the profile of teaching excellence across the institution. As a Teaching and Learning Developer in the Centre for Enhanced Learning and Teaching, Fran holds one of only five prestigious posts designed to share and inspire excellent teaching and student support across the University.

Fran has worked on projects to improve retention and progression rates across the University and has recently piloted a summer school for supplementary work. Fran not only cares about students’ learning experiences but also about the critical real-world impact of academia and research.

As Deputy Head of School for Impact, she is in a unique position to support impact activities from both a teaching and research excellence perspective.

Fran has held many key posts during her time at Bangor Psychology including Senior Tutor (pastoral care), Disabilities Officer, and Assessment Director.

Impact of work

Fran is known for 'getting things done' and, in recognition of the need for more effective systems of providing and monitoring pastoral care Fran has devised and implemented an online Tutor App. The success of this was so impressive that it has now been adopted across the University as an example of best practice.

Further afield, Fran has led and developed the successful Psychology Oral Presentation Practice Sessions (POPPS) scheme, which gives students opportunity to hone their public speaking skills in supportive, peer-led environments. Having adapted this scheme for High School pupils she has now pioneered the Bangor Oral Presentation Scheme at local high schools.

Plans for the future

Never one to stand still, Fran is continuing her work in empowering students to achieve more than they thought possible and will be delivering a revolutionary new marathon running module in January 2017. This module will teach principles of positive psychology, self-efficacy and empowerment to ‘non-runner’ students and directly apply those theories to the challenge of running 26.2 miles. The module will culminate in Fran and all 20 of her Year 3 students running a marathon for the first time!



Job title: 
Senior Lecturer/Teaching and Learning Development Leader.
Institution or Organisation: 
Bangor University
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