Dr Jane Tobbell

Dr Jane Tobbell’s career in Higher Education started in 1996 and since then she has worked full time in a number of universities as well as part-time for the Open University. Her inspiration for teaching emerges from relationships with students. Her research explores transition and learning in educational institutions and has been published internationally.  

Jane is a University Teaching Fellow and leads a number of innovative teaching and learning projects. These include a responsibility for implementing peer mentoring across the University to ensure all students who desire it, have access to a peer mentor; working with undergraduate psychology students in funded research projects to provide them with experience whilst doing their degrees and leading the Education and Professional Development section of the Centre for Applied Psychology and Health Research.

Impact of work

Her research work is widely cited both nationally and internationally. Following up on her research in educational transition in schools and into higher education, she led a research team which investigated transition to post-graduate study. This represented a unique focus and has since attracted the attention of researchers across the world as well as contributing to other HEI’s change programmes in teaching and learning for postgraduate students.

Jane’s approach to teaching and learning is dynamic and multi-faceted. It includes focus on individual behaviour in interaction with wider policy and practice. She is involved in large, funded projects in collaboration with colleagues in the UK and internationally. She believes that all teaching and learning should reflect the voices of students and staff and ensures that those voices are foregrounded. Her primary focus is always the student experience where she works to ensure personal engagement in learning. As one student commented:

Jane … makes learning fun! Even at degree level when you would think it should be boring!’

Plans for the future

Jane is currently working with student researchers to investigate what inclusion means to students. The data are being used to change practices to promote engagement and achievement. Jane plans to continue as a change agent in the delivery of teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students, using her research to establish evidence based practice.

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University Teaching Fellow
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University of Huddersfield
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