Dr Jennie Winter

Dr Jennie Winter began her career as a lecturer in Human Geography before becoming an Educational Developer in 2010. She is now an Associate Professor in Academic Development at the University of Plymouth.

Her work in academic development is broad ranging. She has worked to raise awareness and change practice in a range of inclusivity issues in higher education including unconscious bias, internationalisation, widening participation, mature students and progression between college-based and higher education.

Impact of work

She is a keen advocate of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Her ESD focused pedagogic research explores the intersects of formal and informal university experiences on student and faculty understanding of and participation in sustainability issues.

This has contributed to tangible changes in how ESD is embedded into university curricula and operations at Plymouth and beyond. Her highly innovative academic development work in this area is leading in the sector and currently used as an example of good practice by the European Commission and Jennie is increasingly asked to deliver faculty development in this area in the UK and beyond (USA, Canada, China). 

At Plymouth Jennie uses her teaching and research experiences to inform her work with postgraduates and faculty. She has an excellent reputation as a personal and academic tutor and is highly regarded as an exemplar of how to teach in higher education. She has supported her students to achieve academically, to win awards and to publish research. She has supported faculty to develop innovative teaching practices including teaching which uses the university itself as a pedagogy of place, teaching which takes place in contemporary art galleries, in museums and in social regeneration projects; all underpinned by authentic research-informed learning objectives.

Plans for the future

Jennie plans to develop future work in two areas; how to best enhance current practice in evaluating teaching-related CPD and the international development of ESD in universities.

She hopes to eventually form links between these diverse fields through applying methodologies developed in the former to develop greater understanding of the latter.  

Job title: 
Educational Developer
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Plymouth University
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