Dr Joe O’Shea

Dr O’Shea has been a member of the faculty at Florida State University for seven years, for the past two he has been President of the Board of Directors for the Gap Year Association, and also serves as an elected councilor for the Council on Undergraduate Research, the leading organization for the promotion of undergraduate research and scholarship.

A Truman and Rhodes Scholar, Joe has a master’s degree in comparative social policy and a Ph.D. in education from the University of Oxford. He received a BA in philosophy and social science from Florida State University, where he served as the student body president and a university trustee. Joe has been involved with developing education and health-care initiatives in communities in the United States and overseas. His research and publications are primarily focused on the civic and moral development of people, and his recent book, Gap Year: How Delaying College Changes People in Ways the World Needs, was published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Dr O’Shea also has experience with criterion-based reviewing of applications, having most recently served as a judge in the Reimagine Education global competition and as a reviewer for the U.S.-based Council on Undergraduate Research. Joe has scholarly expertise in student development and learning, most notably through research and global leadership in gap year education and inquiry-based learning.  

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Job title: 
Assistant Provost, Florida State University
Institution or Organisation: 
Florida State University, USA