Dr Julia Pansini-Murrell

Dr Julia Pansini-Murrell is a member of academic staff within the Faculty of Health Studies. Dr Pansini-Murrell has a reputation for creative and inspirational teaching and introduced Problem Based Learning into the undergraduate midwifery curriculum from 1995 with a full curriculum being implemented from 2000.

Her empowerment philosophy has developed students through PBL and her enthusiasm enables academics to develop personalised approaches to teaching and learning. She has facilitated fellow academics to engage in action research, publications and conference presentations on Problem Based Learning.

Nationally her skills in facilitation have enabled the development and implementation of Problem Based Learning and or Evidence Based Learning in other midwifery and nursing programmes. She has supported creativity within the peer groups; this has included a programme of workshops and ongoing support, as required by the requesting organisations.

Throughout this time Julia has focused on the students’ experience. In 2011 she was nationally recognised, by the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy with an Honorary Fellowship. This is a unique honour for a non-medic and was awarded for her work in developing nurse hysteroscopists. Julia devised a unique educational programme for which she uses modified problem based learning techniques. Her Educational Doctorate examined the personal experiences of nurses as they took on their advanced practice roles in hysteroscopy. The results led to programme modifications. 

Julia’s creativity extends more broadly too. In 2010 she led the joint approval of five professional undergraduate programmes, which had similarities through multi-professional learning activities yet permitted professional diversity. 

Impact of work

Midwifery Bradford and are synonymous for PBL 

Bradford has had a Pre-registration Degree BSc Hons Midwifery Studies has used a fully integrated PBL curriculum since 2000, and will shortly be starting Paramedic Science programme using PBL.
Nurse Hysteroscopist now makes a significant contribution to the well-being of women.
Julia is renowned amongst her students and staff for her facilitative encouragement.

Plans for the future

1.    A longitudinal evaluation on the impact of PBL curriculum being delivered jointly with MSc and BSc students on a pre-registration midwifery programme.
2.    A Pilot – On the potential for the use of visual computing technologies to develop communication competencies in student midwives.

Job title: 
Head of School
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