Dr Kirsten Hardie

National Teaching Fellow 2004

Dr Kirsten Hardie (NTF 2004) is Associate Professor at the Arts University at Bournemouth. Kirsten has extensive teaching experience across a range of levels and disciplines within art, design and media. Her passions, research and scholarly activities extend across a range of diverse fields.

Working internationally, cross-discipline, creating and developing learning and teaching case-studies and materials, her activities extend to a significant number of collaborative and advisory roles across HE – including consultancy and External Examinerships. She is an HEA Academic Associate and is an established peer reviewer for numerous journals and organisations internationally. Kirsten is Associate  Editor for the Higher Education Pedagogies journal.

Kirsten’s research includes scholarship of learning and teaching in art and design; creativity; packaging design; kitsch and flock. She has authored a range of articles and papers and is an experienced conference and event organiser. She has curated numerous exhibitions including Flockage: the flock phenomenon – the world’s first flock exhibition - and co-founded the Flock Friendly Group. She created her home institution’s registered design museum and works with museums and design objects - she is passionate about Object-based learning.

A popular speaker and workshop facilitator, she has presented at many conferences in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia and she networks internationally, working with numerous educational establishments and design organisations. Her membership includes: Immediate past Chair of the Committee of the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF); Committee member of the Group for Learning in Art and Design (GLAD); AIGA, ISSOTL, and STLHE. She is founder Co-Chair of the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows  and Co-Chair of the Multinational Fellows Group (ISSOTL special interest group). She is Secretary for the Committee of the Graphic Design Educator’ Network and member of the Executive Council of the Ephemera Society.  She has served as Executive Committee member of the Design History Society (2004-2008, including work as Regional Officer and Learning and Teaching Officer) and she was Chair of the Art and Design Reference Group, Higher Education Academy Art, Design and Media Subject Centre (ADMHEA) (2010) and its Vice Chair in 2009. She was member of ADMHEA Management Advisory Board (2010). She was invited committee member of and advisor for the organising committee for the EuroSoTL 2015 conference. Kirsten is a proud member of the Association of National Teaching Fellows..

Kirsten's NTF award funded the development of her On Trial project: experiential, student-centred, problem-based role play learning and teaching. Inspired by the mock trial of legal education/practice and in the popular media, she works with colleagues cross-discipline to develop this learning experience. On Trial work is used extensively across a variety of contexts internationally. She is developing a website to make more public her work; to enable others to adopt and adapt examples of pedagogic practice accordingly.

Kirsten was lead member of the 'Creative Interventions: valuing and assessing creativity in student work-related learning in the public and not-for-profit sectors' National Teaching Fellowship Group Project (2008-2010). In 2006 she led the creation and implementation of her home institution’s Learning and Teaching Fellowship Scheme and subsequently led on the creation and management of the HEA Art, Design and Media Subject Centre’s Art and Design Teaching Fellowship Scheme. She was External Assessor for the University of East London’s Teaching Fellowship Scheme (2009-2011).

Her learning and teaching research themes include: problem-based learning; groupwork; object-based learning; creativity; and notions of excellence and reward in learning and teaching.

Kirsten received her Doctorate in 2014.

Job title: 
Associate Professor and Principal Lecturer in Graphic Design History and Cultural Theory
Institution or Organisation: 
Arts University at Bournemouth
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