Miss Elaine Campbell

An experiential educator, this is Elaine Campbell’s teaching philosophy: to enrich every student’s academic, professional and personal progression by combining live client casework, creative employability opportunities, and highly personalised support.

A commercial lawyer by profession, Elaine joined Northumbria University as a Solicitor Tutor in 2011. She supervises students who provide free legal advice to the public through the award winning Student Law Office. The students in her Business & Commercial Clinic represent SMEs, nationally recognised brands, and third sector enterprises.

Impact of your work

Elaine’s time in private practice taught her that employers were looking for graduates with transferable, people-centric attributes. Alongside networking and collaborative initiatives, Elaine created the first student-led commercial law clinic blog, WeTakeCareofBusiness. With 3000 visitors from over 50 countries, the blog made the final three of the ALT/Routledge Teaching Law with Technology Prize 2016.

Elaine is described as a “fantastic supervisor” who “goes above and beyond for every single student”. Through skilful, holistic mentoring Elaine seeks to build students’ self-esteem and confidence. She brings her passion for coaching to her role as a Professional Recognition Mentor, and relishes building supportive communities in her own and other institutions. Elaine was Law Teacher of the Year at the Northern Law Awards 2016.

Elaine is a prolific writer and researcher. In the last year, she authored 8 peer-reviewed articles and spoke at 10 events, whilst undertaking a Professional Doctorate exploring her role as a clinic supervisor. She has been blogging about teaching and research since 2014. In 2016, through a public vote, her blog was shortlisted as a finalist in the Education category of the UK Blog Awards, and she featured in The Guardian’s “Follow the Leaders: The Best Social Media Accounts for Academics”. She wrote the first UK and US journal articles on UK commercial law clinics.

Plans for the future

Elaine’s ambitions are to build an Entrepreneurship & Commercial Law Clinic Network and support the development of new commercial clinics in UK and beyond.


Job title: 
Solicitor Tutor
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Northumbria University
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