Paul Gallimore

Technician of the Year for Psychology

After graduating with a BSc (Hons) Physics and Electronics, Paul Gallimore became a technician within the psychology department at Staffordshire University. The role continues to provide Paul with many new challenges, while offering him the opportunity to develop professionally, and is certainly a role he enjoys immensely.

Paul’s initial focus lay in the area of psychophysiology, where he gained a vast amount of experience in the use of medical instrumentation equipment and bio-potential amplifiers. The experience enabled Paul to provide support and guidance to final-year project students in all aspects of experimental design and application.

To supplement the technical support role Paul designed an online technical learning resource. This comprised of user guides, podcasts, and other learning materials, which students could access prior to formal technical training sessions. Keen to promote psychology to the wider community, Paul has introduced practical demonstrations at University open days and public facing events.

Further professional development for Paul came when he successfully completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher and Professional Education (PgCHPE). This facilitated work towards the promotion and integration of psychology based laboratory equipment into core undergraduate teaching, e.g. the use of the eye-tracker within research methods; equipping undergraduate students with key practical skills and enhancing the student learning experience.

During the past few years Paul has been involved with the design, development, and operation of the psychology laboratories based within the new £30m Science Centre at Staffordshire University. Paul now plans to develop technical workshops which will incorporate the use of experiment building software and interactive mobile technology.

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Staffordshire University
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