Professor Elizabeth Page

National Teaching Fellow 2015

Professor Elizabeth Page has won recognition for her innovative teaching and learning activities both externally, through the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Award, and within her institution as a University Teaching Fellow and a winner of four University Team Teaching Awards.

Elizabeth lectures in chemistry at the University of Reading and leads programmes to support undergraduates in developing the professional skills required for employment. In addition she teaches foundation chemistry to life sciences students and has co-authored a popular text book on the subject.

Elizabeth has led the development of new teaching methodologies in her department in the areas of context-based learning, team-based learning and technology-enhanced learning, as well as being a recognised authority on the secondary-tertiary transition. She is a fervent evangelist for chemistry education and equal access, and has established a strong community of practice of local chemistry teachers committed to enthusing students in chemistry and supporting them in their studies. As School Director of Outreach Elizabeth coordinates a programme of inspirational outreach activities and is currently involved with a research project, Chemistry for All, looking at the long-term impact of sustained outreach in STEM subjects.

One of Elizabeth's goals is to increase the number of well-qualified chemistry teachers to train the next generation of chemists. To this end Elizabeth established a programme in Chemistry with Education and opportunities for students to experience teaching first hand within their undergraduate courses. In 20I0 Elizabeth received the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Award for her work in this field. Elizabeth has a strong reputation both nationally and internationally in chemistry education having published text books and workbooks to support students beginning undergraduate studies. As School Director of Internationalisation, she travels widely to advise on curriculum development and regularly teaches overseas in Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST), Nanjing, China and has delivered workshops in Amman in Jordan and Pune, India.

Job title: 
Professor of Chemical Education
Institution or Organisation: 
University of Reading
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