Simon Tweddell

National Teaching Fellow 2015

Simon Tweddell has been teaching at the University of Bradford since1997, starting part-time initially as a pharmacist teacher-practitioner, and then taking a full-time academic appointment in 2001. During his time at Bradford School of Pharmacy he has been Programme Leader, Head of Division and Director of Learning and Teaching.

In 2011, he project managed the development of a new integrated pharmacy curriculum (Curriculum 2012). Designed using sound educational theory this employer-informed curriculum develops the transformational learning needed for employment as a pharmacist in the 21st century. To deliver the programme, he and his team sought a learning and teaching strategy that motivated students to prepare for and attend class, and once there engage them in active, student-centred learning. Team-based learning (TBL) addressed these needs while also developing transferable skills for the workplace, enhancing student employability.

Pharmacists in practice need the skills to communicate, collaborate, problem-solve, teach and manage their own learning; skills that are developed during their four years studying a curriculum delivered predominantly by TBL. Simon led the development and mentorship of the School’s academic staff so they have the skills to deliver TBL effectively. More recently he has delivered staff development workshops in TBL to other departments at Bradford, at conferences in the UK and US and to other higher education providers in the UK and Europe.  

Simon has found facilitating learning using TBL a rewarding, fun and enjoyable experience. Students come to class prepared, ready to apply their new knowledge to solve authentic, challenging and real-world problems that develop team-working and critical thinking skills. Simon’s aim is to disseminate the benefits of TBL and share his learning from using it across the curriculum to a wider UK audience. He recently completed a one-year programme to become the UK’s first consultant-trainer accredited by the Team-Based Learning Collaborative. He is currently seconded to the University of Bradford’s Centre for Educational Development as a Curriculum Development Fellow. In this role Simon is using the knowledge, skills and experiences gained in leading the development of Curriculum 2012 to support other programme teams across the University to redesign their own curricula so they are aligned with the University’s new Curriculum Framework.  

Job title: 
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Institution or Organisation: 
University of Bradford
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