Recognition & Accreditation

The HEA works with higher education providers and organisations to improve the professional experience of HE teachers through fellowships, accreditation, awards and professional development provision. We manage the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) which recognises teaching quality to improve the student experience and forms the basis for our professional recognition schemes.

The HEA brings together teaching and learning support staff through events, publications, funding and networks. We offer a range of professional recognition services at institutional and individual level to reward effective teaching. Many UK and international institutions are aiming towards 100% of their staff gaining HEA Fellowship in recognition of their teaching standards. Our professional recognition programmes and awards serve as a benchmark for teaching excellence and are invaluable for individuals’ career planning.

Another route to gaining recognition is through the completion of an HEA-accredited course. Seeking accreditation for your teaching courses and professional development schemes ensures that your staff development links to the UKPSF, giving you structured and reliable benchmarks to set against your discipline. With dedicated teams, we can support you with workshops, seminars and conferences and resources for sustained career development.