Annual CPD review

The HEA requires institutions to complete a brief annual review of all accredited CPD schemes. At present the HEA does not require an annual review for accredited taught programmes.

An HEA template is provided for this report, which contains data personal to the institution. This personalised template will be sent to institutions during May each year.

These annual reports serve several purposes. They:

  • provide a platform for celebrating the positive impact that developmental opportunities offered through accredited provision have made within the organisation
  • encourage institutions to evaluate the strengths and areas for further development of their accredited provision to lead to future improvements in the next accreditation cycle
  • will be used to inform the opportunities for support and guidance material provided by the HEA
  • will inform the annual visit planning of the HEA as part of sector wide quality enhancement initiatives
  • will help the HEA to identify good practice which the HEA may then be able to disseminate with the wider sector with the permission of the institution concerned.

Analysis of the 2014/15 Annual CPD Review

Following the introduction of new annual review of HEA accredited CPD schemes in summer 2015, Dr Ruth Pilkington (HEA Academic Lead and author of this report) analysed reviews returned by 90 institutions operating accredited CPD schemes in 2014-15. The process of review exposed benefits and areas for support and development by both the HEA and CPD scheme leaders. Overall, it appears that the introduction of accredited CPD schemes within HEIs is having a significant impact on HE culture.

From the commentary provided by the accredited CPD scheme leaders, it is apparent that CPD frameworks have the potential, even in early stages, of developing a stronger profile and awareness of teaching and learning, and supporting cultural shifts. They identified that these schemes;

  • Raise awareness of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and the role of teaching and learning across an institution;
  • Provide a focus for mechanisms of culture change, both hard and soft, that allow conversations about teaching and learning to be held and sharing facilitated;
  • Provide a clear stimulus and framework for recognition and reward to become part of institutional strategy, HR and quality systems and processes.

The full report is available to download here.

2015-16 template and guidance

The 2015-16 exemplar template is now released for your information. The format is relatively unchanged to the inaugural 2014/15 version, but some sections have been slightly revised as a result of the analysis of last year’s data. Guidance notes are also provided to support to institutions as they complete the review.

A personalised HEA template containing institutional data will be provided to each HEI with an accredited CPD scheme by the end of May 2016 by email from the CPD Review mailbox. Completed templates for 2015-16 should be returned by 1 September 2016.

If you have any queries relating to the annual review please contact the CPD Review team using the email address

Programme of annual visits

In addition to requiring an annual review from institutions with accredited CPD provision, annually the HEA will visit a number of institutions to observe their internal fellowship judgement-making processes. These institutions will be contacted in advance to arrange a visit, although the HEA reserves the right to request access to the operation of any accredited programmes.

The HEA team will visit a variety of institutions, spread across the UK, with schemes that are already in operation including a mix of those in year one, two and three of the accreditation cycle. These visits will provide the sampled institution with constructive developmental feedback on the operations observed and will inform the opportunities for support and guidance material provided by the HEA. If concerns arise as a result of an institutional visit the HEA will be able to work with the institution in a proactive, developmental manner to ensure that provision operates as explicitly accredited.

Contact us

The HEA team are happy to support any queries relating to completion of the annual review and ask for any emails to please be sent to

If you have any questions about the programme and process of institutional visits then please email the accreditation mailbox at or phone 01904 717500.

Useful resources

A generic copy of the template for 2015-16 academic year with associated guidance will be added to this page in March 2016. The link will be circulated to all accredited CPD scheme managers.

Please refer to the HEA accreditation policy 2016-17 for further explanation both in terms of process and requirements related to HEA accreditation.