Universities HR Strategic Enhancement Project (UHR SEP)

Career progression and staff transitions strategic enhancement programme

The reward and recognition of great teaching in higher education is core to the HEA’s mission. We believe reward and recognition are key to the motivation of staff and to the learning outcomes of the students they teach.

Over the past two years, the HEA has been working in close partnership with more than twenty-five Human Resources (HR) departments from institutions across the UK HE sector to develop ways – or strategies - to embed reward and recognition into the career progression of academics. The work continues this year. Fundamental to the work is the alignment of these strategies to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UK PSF)

This programme is the first time the HR community has worked with the HEA in this way; where the HEA supports HR colleagues to develop ways in which academic careers in teaching can be improved through areas such as pay, promotion and reward.

The programme builds on HEA’s work on teaching excellence, professionalism, reward and recognition and focuses on how the UKPSF s being used in career progression, pay and promotions.

Each institution has developed a strategy to fit its particular needs.  The more recent strategies, from 2015-16 are ‘work in progress’.  Those from 2014-15 are more mature.   

These strategies will help other institutions who are looking at ways of rewarding and recognising good teaching. These pages are regularly updated.

Details on the specific programmes can be found here:


2014-15 programmes

Ten universities took part in the first Universities HR Strategic Enhancement Programme 2014 – 2015.  The individual projects are available below.

The programme brought together two different communities, HR and Educational Development, leading to these distinct projects which clearly align to the programme’s focus on how the UKPSF can be used in career progression, pay and promotions, practice and policies.

The programme included three strategic enhancement network events during the year designed to encourage institutions to share practice and learning across the network group.


2015-16 programmes

Fifteen more institution joined the programme in 2015-16.  Their distinct programmes are listed below. Some participating institutions received HEA-facilitated support for those initiatives.


For further information please contact Rajesh.Dhimar@heacademy.ac.uk

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Thursday, 4 August, 2016