Guide to the process

Up to 6 awards will be made in 2016 in recognition of a team’s excellence.  Each team will be awarded 15k. They will be expected to use this money to disseminate their excellent practice nationally and evaluate how their work has impacted on the sector.

Teams supported by their institution are invited to submit an application for the CATE. Only one submission will be accepted from a Higher Education provider.  Teams should demonstrate how their members work together and what innovative, inclusive and excellent practice they have led witthin their own organisational setting.

The application process is in two stages:

Stage one 

This first stage application comprises:

  • a signed statement of support from the institution's senior manager (500 words max.);
  • a team application document (1000 words max.);
  • supporting evidence (500 words each);
  • an application form.

Each team members is invited to submit an equal opportunties form.  The data is not used in the selection or assessment process.

Stage one application documents should be submitted electronically to:

Stage one submission deadline: 21 July 2016.


Stage two

The second stage application comprises:

  • a dissemination and impact plan (5 pages);
  • an application form.

Stage two application documents should be submitted electronically to:

Stage two submission deadline: 23 September 2016.





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Wednesday, 7 September, 2016