Accredited route to HEA Fellowship


If you’ve completed HEA-accredited continuing professional development (CPD) programmes or Postgraduate Certificates (PGCerts) in teaching and learning, you may be eligible to apply for HEA Fellowship.

You’ll be informed by your programme leader if your course is HEA-accredited.


Those individuals who started their course between 1 August 2013 and 31 July 2014 and are not employed by a subscribing institution will be required to pay a fee of £150 per category of recognition. At the point of inputting the individuals’ details onto MyAcademy, the programme leader should inform the HEA of any individuals who are not currently employed by a subscribing institution.

Those individuals who started their course after 1 August 2014 and are not employed by a subscribing institution will be required to pay the following fees:

  • Associate Fellow - £100
  • Fellow - £200
  • Senior Fellow - £300
  • Principal Fellow - £500

As a guide, PGCerts are often awarded Fellow status and individual CPD modules are usually awarded Associate Fellow status. The awards of Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow are usually available to those who have completed HEA-accredited CPD programmes.

Programme leaders

HEA-accredited CPD programme leaders may apply on behalf of their course participants by making a batch application. Simply log in to MyAcademy and follow the online instructions.

If you’re a practising teaching academic or learning support staff the alternative route to Fellowship is to apply through our experienced route.

Programme leaders may be contacted by individuals who completed HEA-accredited courses or programmes and asked to be registered for Fellowship via MyAcademy.

Useful resources

- UK Professional Standards Framework

- Application process for HEA Fellowship