Application review

All HEA Fellows have demonstrated that they meet the relevant criteria for Associate Fellowship (AFHEA), Fellowship (FHEA), Senior Fellowship (SFHEA) or Principal Fellowship (PFHEA) by making an application to the HEA via the experienced route or accredited route.


All applications for HEA Fellowships are appraised by experienced accreditors, chosen for their extensive knowledge and practice of review in teaching and learning. They include specialist educators and expert practitioners across disciplines.

Applications for AFHEA and FHEA will be reviewed by two accreditors while applications to SFHEA and PFHEA will be reviewed by three accreditors. Successful candidates enjoy a host of benefits on gaining HEA Fellowship, so we recommend that you consider the Guide to Fellowship and FAQs carefully before submitting your application.

Writing and submitting your application

Accreditors are looking for a reflective account of your practice. This will include evidence that your approach to teaching and learning is grounded in an understanding of how students develop knowledge and learning skills within your discipline or role. They will also look for indications of self-evaluation and how you might have developed your approach in the light of experience.

The reflective nature of writing your application can be fulfilling in itself. As you’ll see from our testimonials and case study, candidates find the process very rewarding. Whatever level of Fellowship you are applying for, looking back on your learning and teaching experience so far is the first step.

We offer writing retreats which provide a structured environment in which to reflect and prepare your application and many other useful recognition events which may be helpful to prospective candidates.

Resubmissions and reapplications

Please note, incomplete applications will need resubmitting for consideration. If your application includes insufficient evidence that you have met a particular level you will be given one chance to re-submit. If your application is unsuccessful you may reapply.


Useful resources

- UK Professional Standards Framework