Recognition FAQs

General enquiries: All applications

1.    Do I have to make my application via Recognition Online?

Since its launch in May 2014, both experience route applications and accredited provision applications must be made through MyAcademy. Programme leaders are responsible for logging completers from their own internal schemes (accredited provision). If you are applying for recognition as an individual based on your own experience, you must create and submit an application via My Recognition on MyAcademy. If you are having problems using MyAcademy, please contact the recognition team at or on +44 (0)1904 717530.

2.    What do the different statuses mean?

  • Draft – your application is still in draft form and a final version is yet to be submitted.
  • Awaiting Payment – there is payment due against the application before it can be processed. You will need to click on the link in the grid under ‘Payment’ to be directed to a payment screen. Should this link be unavailable (for example if the payment was previously declined) payment can still be made via the Finance & Payment section on the central tab of MyAcademy. Click on ‘Make a Payment’ then follow the instructions on screen.
  • Applicant – this applies to the experience route and means your application has been paid for and is waiting to be processed and assigned to a panel.
  • Assigned to panel – this applies to the experience route and means the application has been assigned to a panel ready for review.
  • Active – recognition has been awarded. You will receive an email informing you that your application has been successful with instructions on how to download your certificate.
  • Pending – application is in progress but recognition has not yet been obtained.
  • Referred – this applies to the experience route. Additional evidence is required by the recognition panel before recognition can be awarded. You will be contacted directly via email with detailed feedback on the additional evidence required by the panel.
  • Attention required – the application will be put on hold pending review by a member of the recognition team. This may be for various reasons such as an outstanding fee. The recognition team will resolve this and contact you directly. There is no further action you can take at this stage.
  • Withdrawn – an application can be withdrawn for various reasons, for instance if the status of an application has been left as ‘Incomplete’ for over 3 months. Also, if an application is unsuccessful after a resubmission, it will be withdrawn.

3.    I’m on MyAcademy and can’t find where to pay

Click on Recognition Online on the top tab and then click on My Recognition on the left-hand menu. The page will show your current application and the status should say ‘awaiting payment’. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button at the side and follow the instructions on screen.

4.    Why do I need a ‘Bill to’ address?

There will be a payment due against your application when applying via the experience route or in some instances if applying via the accredited provision route. In order for us to raise an invoice for the payment, we require a ‘Bill to’ address. As the payment is owed by you as an individual and not your organisation, a ‘Bill to’ address ensures that confidential information is not sent to the wrong place. To add a ‘Bill to’ address or to edit your current details click on ‘Address details’ in My Profile.

5.    My institution is paying for me, what do I do?

You will need to obtain a reference number on MyAcademy. Click on to ‘Pay now’ in ‘My Recognition’ and follow the screens through until you select an option that says ‘someone is paying on my behalf’. This will generate a reference number which you should pass on to your institution. Someone at your institution will then log on to MyAcademy and pay using that reference number.

6.    Do I have to make payment via Recognition Online, or can I contact the team to do this?

If you apply via Recognition Online you will be required to make payment via the online system. Please note that this will only accept credit/debit card. We do not accept BACS payments or cheques and we cannot accept purchase orders for recognition fees.

7.    Why can’t I find my certificate in MyAcademy?

Please check you have logged on to My Academy using the email address provided in the confirmation email sent to you. This is the email address that the programme leader will have used when adding you to a course or institutional CPD provision. If you already hold a MyAcademy account with a different email address and you use this email address to log on to MyAcademy it will not correspond to the recognition record we have for you on our system. If you continue to have problems logging on, please contact the recognition team on +44 (0)1904 717530 or

8.    I’m having trouble downloading my certificate.

You may need to update your browser with the latest version in order to download your certificate.

9. Where can I find the guidance notes for my application?

We are currently revising our guidance notes for each category of recognition following our move to recognition online.  We expect to finalise and publish these very soon.  In the meantime, you can use the guidance within each application on MyAcademy or alternatively you can contact to request a copy of our draft guidance notes.

10.    I have started my application on the old word document template, can I still use this?

If you have used the old template you will need to copy and paste your text into the relevant fields within MyAcademy.  You may have to re-type your footnotes. You will be able to upload your supporting references at the end of your application.

11.    Can I use diagrams and images within my application?

No. The fields within MyAcademy are currently formatted to only accept text.

12.    How can I check what stage my application is at?

Within Recognition Online in MyAcademy, click on ‘My Recognition’. Here you will see a summary of your applications from previous submissions to those currently in progress. The third column ‘status’ summarises what stage an application has reached.

13.    What should I do if I can’t find my organisation?

When adding an organisation to your record you will be asked to search for it by name. Please ensure it is spelled correctly as the system will only find exact matches to our database entries. If the system cannot find the organisation, an option ‘Organisation’ not found?’ will appear and you will be invited to send us its name. The recognition team at the HEA will then check the database to avoid a duplicate organisation being created, before adding it into the system records. When doing this they will add the organisation to your record.

14.    I can’t find an option to apply for recognition on the basis of completing an accredited provision as an individual.

All applications for recognition via the accredited route are now made by the programme leader/administrator at the institution where you completed your course. Please contact the programme leader and they will be able to add you on to MyAcademy to confer your recognition with us. Please contact the recognition team if you cannot find contact details for a programme leader.

15.    I am a programme leader/administrator and would like to add completers on to a course, what do I need to do?

You will need to apply to be a programme administrator first. Once you have applied to be a programme administrator, we will request approval from the institutional contact where you work. Once this has been approved you will be able to add completers on to a course.

Guidance notes for adding completers on to a course can be found here.

16.    I am a programme leader/administrator and have added a completer to the wrong course/used the wrong start date for the course, what can I do?

If you have made any errors whilst inputting an individual’s details, please contact the recognition team and we will amend the data accordingly.

17.    What will happen if I add a completer who has already been awarded recognition at the same category as the accredited course, or higher? I may not be aware of whether they already have recognition?

If an application is received for an individual who has already been awarded recognition, the individual will be added as a completer to the course or CPD scheme and their details updated to reflect their current recognition.

18.    What if I have more questions?

If you cannot find the information you need or require further assistance, please email and one of our team will be able to assist you. You can also call us on (+44) 01904 717500.