HEA Fellowships

HEA Fellowship is an international recognition of a commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education and demonstrates that your practice is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). To date over 75,000 individuals have become Fellows of the HEA.

Essential to your personal development

HEA Fellowship brings a range of benefits to develop and progress your career. It provides a valuable measure of success and is increasingly sought by employers across the higher education sector as a condition of appointment and promotion.

Providing institutional assurance

Fellowships are an important indicator that your institution is fully aligned with UKPSF practice and a badge of assured quality throughout your institution.

HEA Fellowships are awarded depending on your level of knowledge and experience. If you, or staff within your institution, have completed accredited programmes or have a proven track record of experience within the UKPSF, you may apply to become an HEA Fellow at one of the following four categories:

Senior and Principal Fellowships are typically awarded to experienced staff who are able to demonstrate impact and influence through leading and managing within a learning and teaching context. Principal Fellows must be able to demonstrate a sustained and effective record of impact at a strategic level in relation to learning and teaching.

There are two ways to gain HEA Fellowship, depending on your career journey so far:

  • Experienced route - for those wishing to apply on the back of their practice in teaching and learning.
  • Accredited route - for those who have completed HEA-accredited courses.

Information about Fellows within the subscribing institution are available via MyAcademy, including access to our data, comprehensive reporting of Fellowship statistics and awareness of individual application submissions.