Eligible organisations

Higher Education providers in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland can make nominations to NTFS. Institutions in Scotland who are interested in engaging with the award scheme are asked to contact the HEA.

If you have any queries about eligibility, please contact us at ntfssupport@heacademy.ac.uk.

Eligible staff

Each year your institution can nominate up to three members of staff, at any stage of their careers, who clearly demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or supporting students’ HE learning experience. This may include part-time staff or staff on non-permanent (fixed-term) contracts.

A nominee to be eligible must be a HEA Fellow (of any category).

We welcome nominations across the full range of roles that support the student learning experience, such as learning technologists and librarians.

How to choose nominees

Organisations select NTF nominees in different ways. Many identify potential candidates who have been successful in internal awards systems with criteria that align to NTFS. Colleagues who are successful at an institutional level are put forward at a national level.

Others use their existing NTFs to review and mentor potential nominees. Some identify potential nominees through student-led teaching awards and student feedback, and through self-nomination. Many give support and guidance to potential nominees.