Managing the award

Institution’s responsibilities in relation to NTFs

As part of the nomination process, the institution agreed to support the nominee and manage any award on his/her behalf. The institution, nominee, staff development and finance teams need to establish arrangements to manage, disburse and record the use of any monetary award in accordance with the institution’s accounting processes and the scheme’s guidelines.

National Teaching Fellow’s responsibilities

In 2016 NTFs will receive £5,000 to support their professional development as a teaching and learning professional and should enable dissemination of their innovative practice within their own institution and across the sector.

Past NTFs have used their awards to:

  • set up centres for evidence-based education
  • carry out research into teaching and student experience
  • attend or present at national or international conferences
  • develop teaching resources
  • be released to carry out teaching enhancement activities in their institution

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NTFs have to use the award within three years of the date of the award letter. NTFs have to submit interim reports, as well as a final evaluation report at the end of the three years.