Nominations for NTFS are submitted by the institution on behalf of the nominee.

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Nomination documents and forms

All NTFS nominations must contain the complete set of nomination documents:

  • a signed statement of support
  • a claim for National Teaching Fellowship
  • a brief curriculum vitae

All nominations must also contain:

  • a nomination form
  • an equal opportunities form

The application form and equal opportunities form are used for HEA administration; they are not part of the assessment process.

For more information about content and formatting of documents, please refer to the Awards guidelines in the NTFS resources section.

What the nominee’s institution completes

Statement of support

This provides an endorsement of the nominee’s claim for NT Fellowship against the selection criteria. Please read the nominee’s NTF claim before writing the supporting statement – 1,000 words maximum.

What the nominee completes

Claim for National Teaching Fellowship

This sets out, with supporting evidence, how the nominee demonstrates excellence against the selection criteria – 5,000 words maximum.

See advice in draft your nomination.

Brief curriculum vitae

This demonstrates commitment to enhancing and supporting student learning and to delivering, or facilitating, teaching excellence – 1,500 words maximum.

Application form

This contains the nominee’s personal details and is used for administration only.

Personal profile

Part of the application form, the 350-word personal profile, describes the nominee and his/her work and is used for publicity if the nominee is successful.

Equal opportunities form

This helps us to monitor and develop NTFS. Responses are anonymised.

Submitting the nomination

The institution emails the three nomination documents and the application form to the HEA –

The nominee emails the equal opportunities form  directly to the HEA -

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Tuesday, 19 April, 2016