NTF stories

NTFs have used their awards in a wide range of ways. Find out what NTFs have done with their awards and the impact they have had.

2010 cohort impact

The NTF 2010 cohort report provides an overview of the activities, impact, reach and value of the NTF award to the 2010 NTFs, based on their final reports produced in 2013, after the three year period they have to spend their award monies.

NTF 2010 individual impacts

Developing computational thinking – Colin Price, University of Worcester, outlines the impact the NTF award has had on himself and his students in the area of computing.

Supporting teacher educators – Alison Barton, University of Central Lancashire, describes how her NTF award allowed her to develop new ways to support and connect teacher educators.

Enhancing employability services – Steve Gaskin, University of Exeter, provides an overview of the impact the NTF award made on his own development and on undergraduate employability services at his institution.

Developing interprofessional education (IPE) in medicine and healthcare – Sharon Buckley, University of Birmingham, outlines how the NTF award has enabled her to lead on the development of IPE in her institution and further her own professional development.

Being an NTF – personal stories

Julian Park: Being an NTF – explore the work that led into Julian’s 2008 award and the subsequent opportunities that it has afforded.

Julian also featured in the May 2014 Meet our NTFs webinar, exploring some of the activities and collaborative projects that NTFS are engaged in as part of their role as NTFs.