Support and networking

Networking opportunities open up to you as an NTF – with your fellow NTFs and with the wider world. New connections across disciplines and across institutions are facilitated.

Some NTFs find they gain recognition and can have more impact – “The award was definitely noticed internationally and taken seriously” (Professor Mark Schofield, NTF 2011).

For others, their award made possible international visits or conference attendance which has resulted in collaborative research projects or curriculum development with international institutions.

As a new NTF you automatically become a member of the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF), an active community working to enhance learning and teaching. New NTFs are inducted into the Association. You’ll meet other fellows at ANTF events and by getting involved in ANTF work.

NTF stories tell you more about the impact the awards have had.

The Directory of National Teaching Fellows lists all NTFs.