Teaching global citizenship: A case study in applied linguistics

This report evaluates how global citizenship in the UK academy articulates relations between UK society and its human subjects. It has three objectives:

  • to define the global citizen;
  • to demonstrate practical and critical approaches to teaching and assessing global citizenship in higher education;
  • to develop themes and questions for future research.

This report will draw on three papers presented by academics working in the discipline of applied linguistics who presented papers at a Higher Education Academy (HEA) seminar held at Oxford Brookes University on 18 May 2012.

  • David Block, from the Institute of Education, presented a paper "Exploring global citizenship: from cosmopolitanism ideal to class politics".
  • Rachel Wicaksono, from York St John University, presented a paper "Internationalising Talk: A discourse-analytic approach to raising student's awareness of their construction of (in)competence and (mis)understanding in mixed language" groups.
  • Juliet Henderson, from Oxford Brookes University, presented a paper "Strategies for critiquing global citizenry: undergraduate research as a possible vehicle".

Together, these papers identified key themes and concerns related to the ways global processes condition and mesh with local discourses, texts and practices to produce the contested notion of the global citizen.


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