Open Educational Practice (OEP) approaches to external collaboration: the arts, charities and business

This case study explores the use of OER in three partnerships between universities and external bodies that help illustrate the diversity of scenarios and activities that comprise the OEP landscape. The three projects included within this report are:

  1.  i-mpact: a collaboration between a university and an independent film production company;
  2. CharityWise: a collaboration between a university and voluntary sector trainers;
  3. Review and Endorsement by Graduate Recruiters of Curricular Employability OER Published in HumBox by HE Practitioners in the Arts and Humanities.

The scale of these three projects ranged from a partnership with a single small independent film production company, through a collaboration with a national sector skills body and three umbrella organisations, to a partnership with an employers’ association and six large national/international businesses. In each it was the academics who made the initial approaches, indicating that OER and OEP are currently led by HE initiatives.

These case studies were created by SCORE (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education) fellows as part of the joint HEA / JISC Open Educational Resources study; pedagogical development from OER practice.