EDUCATE on SITE: user acceptance of mobile web applications in architectural education on sustainable environmental design

This case study was set up with the aim of investigating user acceptance of the prototype mobile device service for the EDUCATE (Environmental Design in University Curricula and Architectural Training in Europe) Portal, analysing changes in user behaviour and evaluating how mobile access to the EDUCATE Portal functionalities could be better implemented and supported. The results obtained indicate that access to information and learning tools on mobile devices holds significant promise in promoting situated and interactive learning to both naive and expert users in the field of education for sustainable environmental design. In this context, the development of specific applications – purposely designed for mobile devices – proves to be more easily accepted by the users and could allow a more comprehensive knowledge transfer, encompassing at once theoretical (acquisition of principles), experiential (practical visualisation) and analytic(critical evaluation) cognitive domains.

This case study was part of the HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources case study: pedagogical development from OER practice project.